Tuesday, January 4, 2011

the spirit of CHRISTMAS

Is it wrong that I always want the Christmas decorations in my house to look a certain way? I want a green tree with white lights, red ornaments and silver stars.

I want fake snow and pine boughs.

And when everything is up it's beautiful. At least to me.

However, I'm sure Mr. Wright just wants to pull his hair out every year. (shh...I know there is not a lot there...don't make me feel worse) This year I tried harder. We listened to Christmas music and I even let him make some of the decisions. Well, at least one.

But who am I kidding it's not just Christmas. We put the house back to "normal" last week. And by "we" I mean I made the decisions and told Mr. Wright what he was allowed to do. He packed the stuff up in the boxes (after I sorted them out) and carried them down to the storage. Then I put the "regular stuff" out again. I'm not quite sure where Mr. Wright was at that point. Probably wishing he could escape the insanity of me. I know it sounds like I am just mean and bossy. And maybe even crazy...but the truth is that I think I might be - just a LITTLE bit neurotic.

Somewhere between the crazy me of decorating for Christmas and the crazy me of putting the house back together, there was a lot of cherished memories with family, friends and each other. Memories of singing, laughing and playing. Memories that have reminded me that Christmas is about giving...of oneself, of time and of love.

I hope to be better at not only remembering that next year but doing that next year.

Yesterday - I just got around to reading this in the December New Era. And although Christmas is over - I still think it is important for me today. As I set new goals or my new year's resolutions - I hope to be a better giver throughout the year. A giver of my love, my time and myself!
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