Sunday, December 6, 2009

A different kind of house work!

Over the past year we have done a bunch of projects to start making our new house "our home". Here are some pictures to help brag about my very talented Mr. Wright. I love that he is such a handy man.

We put up new black outdoor lights and a homemade address sign.

We painted the light post black and added flower box.

Mr. Wright suprised me one day and painted our shutters black.

Our new mailbox stands up staight and has no rust.

With our new spot lights we can see to take out the garbage at night.

The big summer project - stripped, sanded, secured and painted.

We (Mr Wright) moved pipes, repaired sprinklers and prepared our garden area.

Our crawl space has been cleaned, carpeted, repaired and we even put in additional lights. Talk about recycle, we used the old outside lights.


Kristi King said...

Looks good!

Water said...

Yay! I love to see you blogging again. :) The home improvements look great!

Gabrielle Kim said...

Your house and yard always look immaculate!

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