Monday, May 3, 2010

You decide...

Mister Darcy vs Mister Knightley

By far these two gentleman (and they are fine gentleman indeed) are my favorite characters of all time. I read a great blog entry today listing the pros and cons of each and I loved it. So make sure you read this before making your decision.

It turns out she makes a good case for both of them. But as for me, I am also going with Mr. Knightley because I too have always wanted to say " I may call you my Mister Knightley".

ps...Mr. Wright is not a fan of Jane Austen, so he doesn't have a clue that the reason I call him Mr. Wright and sometimes my Mr. Wright on our blog is because of "Emma". He thinks it's because he is my Mr. "Right"...and, well, that's true also.


Betsy Fox said...

I vote Mr. Knightly.
Here's a disturbing question for you. Mr. Collins or Wickham?

Kelli said...

That is disturbing.
Mr Wickham – charming, handsome, impulsive, reckless, selfish and does what he wants not what he should regardless of hurting others.-vs- Mr Collins – conceited, arrogant, self promoting, cold and does what society says he should rather than what he wants because of his need to be accepted.
The romantic part of me would pick Mr. Wickham and the sensible part Mr. Collins. Neither one ideal but Mr Collins would get my vote today because I am feeling sensible.

Kelli said...

And you Betsy...Collins or Wickham?

Gabrielle Kim said...

Mr. Darcy for sure. He is so rooted in his beliefs, thats what I like best about him.

As far as the disturbing... Mr. Wickham. Spoiled can be changed, annoying, not so much!

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