Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Highlighting 2009

I know, I know, it's really late for this but as the saying goes..."better late than never".

I have mixed feeling about this year we have been calling 2009. It was full of sorrow, fear, sadness, hardship and yet it also brought us joy, love, growth and many other blessing.

Lessons learned or re-discovered:

* There is not time for everything.
* Things don't have to be purchased just because they are on sale.
* Mr. Wright is not only a handyman but he is truly a handy man!
* Spring and Fall are my favorite seasons.
* Good will prevail.
* The power of the priesthood can quiet a worried mind, heal sorrow and comfort fears.
* My family means so much to me and I enjoy spending time with them.
* Children make me smile.
* Chocolate gives me heartburn.
* I'm grateful for my parents and all that they are.
* Darkness can always be eliminated by light.
* Prayers are heard.
* Disappointment is a part of life.
* Fasting brings strength.
* My heart is full of thanks.
* My mom is amazing.
* Discouragement is my biggest weakness.
* Game nights are always needed and always fun.


Mossin' Around said...

Yes game nights are always needed and always fun! We should schedule another one. That last one I tagged along on was a hoot! :)

Marci said...

Miss you guys and I really appreciated your list. I enjoy game nights, too there is something relaxing about it.

Abe Fox said...

Lane, a Huge THANK YOU for saving our mini-van today!!!

What a great birthday present!!

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