Friday, February 5, 2010

Could I really be Kristi?

When we were young my Dad would ask us which one of us was Kristi and which one was Kelli. I remember thinking it was kind of cool that he couldn't tell and I would proudly inform him that I was Kelli. Then he would follow up with the question that haunts me today..."How do you know that you are Kelli? How do you know that I didn't switch you in the middle of the night and you just woke up in Kelli's bed."


I know, how mean right? And by the way, for my sibling out there with this same personality trait (you know who you are), I hope you can see that you take after Dad.

As a little kid, I was troubled for a moment about this question but decided that I was right because I would certainly know if I was really Kristi...right?

So the other day when Mr. Wright and I were talking about childhood memories, I was really bothered that in some of my memories I couldn't remember which one of us did what. Do I have memories of Kristi and memories of Kelli? Why can't I define these things in my head? Could I have been Kristi for a week, month or year before my Dad remembered to switch us back? Who am I?


Mossin' Around said...

You are definitely Kelli. :) It is amazing how much a little joke or teasing can effect us huh?

Betsy Fox said...

That's funny. My girls LOVE to pretend they are twins.

Marci said...

That is HYSTERICAL!!! When I think about all the crazy things my dad told me as a child, I am sure there are some that make me question who I am, too! (and by the way... I am not a twin:) You know my dad and you know just what he is capable of...I could tell you stories!!!

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