Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Exactly Equal

Easter brings with it many memories of coloring hard boiled eggs, the smell of vinegar, potato salad, Easter Egg hunts, deviled eggs, new dresses, The Atonement, Spring weather, plastic eggs filled with candy, a new beginning of sorts, spiced jelly beans...yum, flowers, hidden baskets, stuffed animals and personalized decorated chocolate eggs.

Back in the day the Easter Bunny (or should I say Mrs Easter Bunny) went to great lengths to make sure all of the Jackson kids had the same amount of candy. Exactly equal. I even suspect that she not only counted out each type of candy but also divided them out by color.

This information may help explain why I sort and eat M&M's and jelly beans by color. :)

But most importantly Easter is a celebration of the Resurrection of Christ and the gift He gave to each of us equally...exactly equal.

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