Tuesday, February 23, 2010

two years, bread, love & sick...

Mr. Wright has been my Mr. Wright for two years now!

For our anniversary he gave me this nifty danish dough whisk.

You see I have recently learned how to make Artisan bread. When I brought home a sample for Mr. Wright to taste he loved it. The next day there was yeast and cornmeal in the cupboard. Did I mention he does most of the grocery shopping?

He loved it the first time I tried when it was too wet. He loved it the second time when it was too dry. We both loved it the third time (with the whisk) when it was just right!

Could the whisk have made all the difference?

My gift to him was a little fat book of love. I saw the idea online and it turned out so cute...take a look.

But for now all the bread and love in our whole house isn't helping my poor Mr. Wright feel any better. He's been sick for the past 3 days.


Marci said...

That is such a fun idea, I may copy that for Steve, if you don't mind:) Happy Anniversary!!

Mossin' Around said...

Ditto... But not for Steve... Maybe one day for a certain someone, if and when I find him. :) Happy #2 you guys!! :)

Kristi King said...

Wow...I can't even make the Pilsbury rolls right. Most impressive! I need to see your book of love up close and personal.

Oh and did he try the netty pot?

Betsy Fox said...

Maybe your fancy whisk made the difference! Mine didn't turn out quite so good. I'll need to try again. Congrats on your new calling. Our young women are lucky to get you!

Mindi said...

Wow. I'm so impressed.. by ALL you guys' (or mostly his) projects. But your bread making and crafting are probably my favorite to read about. Did you know that homemade bread is my ultimate weakness?

And the cards used in your cute craft. Most appropriate. I have fond memories of playing cards around the table at Grandma's. I miss doing that. I was watching some OLD home movies of me (and you and kristi) jumping on the trampoline... maybe I was 3? :) It made me smile... and miss you all.

Congrats on your anniversary! Were you ever able to view those pics of the boys?

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