Friday, September 14, 2012

I will never forget!

We all have moments that are life changing. They can affect us positively or negatively. They can be major events or small private moments. I have a growing list of these moments, moments that have affected my life in some way. My plan is to write about each of them and how they affected me, good or bad. Hopefully, some day, I will get started on this project...but for now, it's just a list.

I call these events pivotal moments. I have also created a second list of pivotal people. Pivotal moments and people are what shape us, guide us and often alter our focus and goals. Some of these pivotal moments are my own personal moments but there are some that involve many people, even the whole nation.

One item on my list is 9/11 and as the anniversary just passed we have all heard and read about people reminiscing about not only that day but the weeks that followed. I believe those of us old enough to remember also review it in our own mind every year. We remember where we were, what we were doing, who we were with and how we felt as we experienced the horror of that event. And we have all been changed in some way because of it.

However, I have found it interesting that my emotions of that day have lessened. One of the moments of great distress for me was seeing people (real people, not stunt doubles) jumping out of the windows. I remember just sobbing uncontrollably. Today it still makes me sad and as I write tears are running down my face, but the emotions have faded even though the details are still so vivid.


I think pivotal people are different least the positive pivotal people. Because with people I have found that details lessen more than the emotions. I wonder if it's because our interaction is not just one moment in time and therefore we have more emotion invested. Some of the details fade away but I don't forget why they are a pivotal person in my life and my love for them only continues to grow.

Naturally, I have been thinking of my mom as she passed away recently. And as details of events with her are not as clear and will continue to slip away with time, her spirit is stronger than ever in my memory. I feel her love and I am a better person because of her presence in my life. I sure miss her. She will always be a part of me.


Mr. Wright and I are blessed to have so many positive pivotal people in our and friends. We thank you all for the tremendous strength and love we have felt and continue to feel from you. Especially during our 4 (almost 5) years of marriage - filled with job losses, deaths of loved ones, health issues, infertility disappointment, etc - but also the happier events like our wedding, moving into our house and so on. We both feel very grateful to have lived our lives, not just these recent years but our whole lives, with WONDERFUL positive pivotal people surrounding us.


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Betsy Fox said...

So beautifully written. You are wonderful and am so happy to know you and Lane!

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