Sunday, September 23, 2012


I learned the popular Father Abraham song at girl's camp.  If you know it, feel free to sing along...

Father Abraham had seven sons.
Seven sons had father Abraham.
And he never laughed...wait...what? 


The Bible says that Abraham had eight sons - Ishmael, Isaac, Midian, Jokshan, Shuah, Zimran, Medan and Ishbak. Why does the song say seven?

How can I sing this song? - this will bug me forever!


Abe Fox said...

The song Father Abraham has two versions "Father Abraham had seven sons" and "Father Abraham had many sons". They use the same tune but the words are quite different. Also, the "seven" version isn't referring to the biblical Abraham, but to some other Jewish father named Abraham (a very common Jewish name) who happened to have seven sons. The "many sons" version is in fact referring to Abraham the Prophet and the "many sons" are referring to all of us under the Abrahamic covenant. Look up the words to the two different versions and you'll see what I mean.

BTW, I love being an Abraham!!

Kelli said...

Thank you Abe...I can now sleep at night. :)

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