Sunday, February 7, 2010

got Voles?

The poor vole gets no recognition.

Everyone has heard of the mole. But most people go their whole lives without ever so much as hearing about "voles," let alone practicing vole control.

Voles construct well-defined, visible tunnels, or runways at or near the surface, about two inches wide. Vole runways result from the voles eating the grass blades, as well as from the constant traffic of numerous little feet beating over the same path.

And if any lawn and garden pest can literally “beat a path” through the grass due to their sheer numbers, it’s the voles. Rabbits don’t have anything over this fertile rodent!

Voles can burrow into the root systems of landscaping shrubs and trees, They can damage flower bulbs and potatoes in the garden. But mainly voles eat the stems and blades of grass. And the runways they leave behind in the process make for an unsightly lawn.

Even in winter you're not home-free with respect to potential vole damage. Voles will use snow as cover as they attack your landscaping.

So, YES, wish us luck cause we got VOLES!!!!!

The above pictures are of our very own vole runways. Mr.Wright saw the signs and has already started the vole control. Another reason I love my Mr. Wright.

He can take care of all your pests too. (shameless plug for Wright Pest Control...)


Marci said...

I love the plug!! You better believe that if we get those pesky varmints, Mr. Wright will be the first person we call!!! And you are right, I have never heard of such a cute little nuisance before today. I hope he can remove them from your yard!!

Betsy Fox said...

If anyone can solve the vole problem, I'd put my money on Mr.Wright.a

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